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General Statement

The Health & Safety of all employees within GA Barnie Group is the primary focus of the Management Team. Our greatest asset “Our People” are at the heart of our continued success.

During this current lockdown, the construction and manufacturing industries will remain open and will be kept under review by UK and Scottish Government. G&A Barnie Group shall fully adopt the UK and Scottish Government policy regarding Covid-19 measures, whilst ensuring adequate levels of staff are available to deliver core projects and services.

Working Policy

G&A Barnie Group shall implement the Business Sustainability Strategy in line with:

  • UK / Scottish Government Policy
  • Providing a safe working environment for all GA Barnie Employees along with those that our activities may affect
  • Availability of work fronts
  • Key frontline Services requirements
  • Construction, Servicing & Manufacturing guidelines

Moving forward re-allocation of work may well require working from other branches within GA Barnie Group to maintain continuity of employment.

Existing Covid-19 Measures

As we move into this new phase of the Pandemic, with updated requirements, we must maintain our existing Control Measures as below:

  • Social distancing must be adhered to.
  • Frequent washing of hands (20 seconds per wash cycle).
  • Utilise (and replenish) any covid-19 cleaning equipment provided (offices and vehicles).
  • Face coverings must be worn within GAB offices/branches. This includes in all common areas, walkways etc. Face coverings can be removed when sitting at a workstation.
  • Desks, Drawer / Door Handles, Arm Rests, Banisters, Telephones, Computers and peripherals to be sanitised as per branch timetable.
  • Communal equipment to be sanitised regularly – before and after use.
  • Office workstations shall have protective screens installed where required.
  • Cleaning workstations within offices (Admin – Management)
  • Face coverings are to be worn in vehicles when there is more than one person within.
  • Two-seater caddy vans will be occupied by the driver ONLY.
  • Three-seater vans can occupy two members of staff. The middle seat should always be left empty (sit as far apart as the vehicle allows).
  • Crew bus capacity will be restricted. This will vary depending on the size of the vehicle. All passengers should sit as far apart as possible.
  • Vehicles internal — Steering Wheel Dashboard, Seats, Handles to be sanitised daily.
  • Vehicle Externals — Washed down weekly (Engineering).
  • Always obey site specific requirements when working on site.