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Automation & Condition Monitoring

Industrial Automation

BarEMS offer engineering solutions across the broad spectrum of industrial automation. Ranging from installation of additional components into existing systems, integration of differing systems to work cooperatively through to design, installation and commissioning of bespoke control systems.

Our engineers are experienced with the leading manufacturers of PLC (industrial computer), SCADA and HMI systems (graphical interfaces) and their utilisation within process and machine control systems.



Up and Coming – Condition Monitoring

Our fixed condition monitoring system analyses vibrations measured on the surfaces machines and components. The collected information on the vibrations can be used to give indication of:

  • Machine condition
  • Stresses on the machine, machine base and adjacent components
  • Safety of operation
  • Service life
  • Economic efficiency

Vibration of some kind will exist on all machines with moving parts however the system differentiates between expected and abnormal vibration. Examples of abnormal vibration sources are:

  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment of machine drive trains
  • Bearing damage
  • Gear defect
  • Magnetic, hydraulic and / or other functional alternating forces

By understanding the source of abnormal vibration, servicing can be carried out before significant damage is caused, extending the life of machines and components. Servicing, repair and supply are also available through BarEMS services.